Sunday, June 6, 2010

diy garden organizer

I created this little bucket shown in my diy garden bench makeover to keep my gardening essentials on hand and lookin' good. It was super simple and I only used items I had on hand. You can really get creative and use things around the house without having to buy a single thing!

diy garden organizer
Things you will need: Old plastic nursery pot, scissors, spray adhesive (or glue), hot glue gun, patterned paper, EnviroTech lite

Step 1: Wash plastic nursery pot well to remove loose dirt
Step 2: Cut patterned paper to fit the nursery pot, leaving some room at the bottom to fold under if desired
Step 3: Spray plastic pot with spray adhesive carefully on the desired location, use another form of glue for a more precise application
Step 4: Adhere patterned paper and let dry, use hot glue to fold and adhere paper to the bottom of plastic pot
Step 5: Cover generously with EnviroTech to waterproof if desired and let dry for 24 hours
Step 6: (Note: I was going to add the rope around the edge with an extra loop for hanging, but I didn't do it... I'll post that option if I can get myself out of the garden and in the house crafting!)
Step 7: Store all your garden essentials! In my garden organizer I have All-Terrain herbal armor bug repellant, gardening gloves, little trowel and a spool of twine, the duct tape of the garden!

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