Monday, April 5, 2010

babysitter needed for baby basil, will pay with beet juice

I can't believe it's only Monday. I'm glad it's only Monday because I have a lot to do this week. I am leaving on Thursday to vacation in Vietnam for 10 days. I need to line up a babysitter for my wee little bitty baby basil while I'm away.

My first batch of seed starter basil roasted next to the pipe that heats the upstairs apartment -- only one lone plant is pushing through. The second planting I started a week later, adding a plastic bag to create a greenhouse, those little basils are thriving! Removing bag because of a little mold build-up.

Other highlights to my Monday evening have been running around the yard with Mica after watering my outdoor seedlies; beet, carrot, ginger juice; and enjoying the last bit of my birthday flowers from my Jojo. I love the deep purple, such a gorgeous color!

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  1. i love your little photo diptychs! and hope you and ethan are having a blast in vietnam :)