Thursday, April 22, 2010

weeds on earth day

Happy Earth Day! I've been on vacation in Vietnam for the past 2 weeks, which was an extraordinary experience. I came home to lots of sprouted seeds - the bok choy, collards, kale and carrots are doing great! I wish I could say the same for myself. I celebrated earth day by calling in sick (not a lie, I am sick.) I did manage to spend some time outside for the vitamin D. It's also helping with the reentry back into the New York lifestyle. I miss Vietnam.

Leaving for 10 days =

The backyard is green, green, green right now. The ivy has exploded, climbing vines are bursting with shades of green. It's going to be magical. And tons of weeds, weeds, weeds. Last summer I used a diy "green" weed killer that was very effective. I encourage a green weed killer - why would anyone put chemicals into the earth? We eat, drink and live from that earth! Show her the love!

diy green weed deterrent 
mix white vinegar + organic dish soap + water in a spray bottle. (I just guess on the measurements.) Spot spray directly on weeds. Several applications might be nessesary. 

diy lemon vinegar weed deterrent
4 ounces lemon juice concentrate + 1 liter (1 quart) white or cider vinegar

I also spent the afternoon making the garden bench look pretty which I will post later.


  1. I love your blogs!

    I'm so sorry you got sick!

    I miss eating hidden meatballs with you ; )

  2. Kate, I'll send you seeds this week! I am still having nightmares about finding meat in something I'm eating. Gross!


  3. Aw yay! Thanks so much!

    Yeah, uber grossss!

    I posted a bunch of pics on my blog from the trip and I also want to email and exchange recipes!