Monday, August 30, 2010

boys and girls get your raffle tickets ready


"One of the most satisfying aspects of growing plants, including cacti and other succulents, is propagation of your plants to share with others, as raffle prizes and for the sales table. "

And there you have it, what more could you really want? Propogate something today for your raffle prize!! Duh!!

I actually haven't officially tried to propogate anything, I just saw off-shoots from the aloe and the spiny thing and put in in this pot from Viv. She thought the middle guy was dead, but really he revived and planted himself sideways... roots just grew right out of his side. I have no idea why he is a he... 

The succulents that I have the most trouble with are the donkey tail. So cool, but they always shed the little bubble leaves. If you look closely, you can see the bubble leaf is bubbling up with tiny little buds. We'll see if they take. Succulents are so easy when you can leave them outside, it's the time indoors that freaks me out because my thumb isn't so green when it comes to winter plant-care. 

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