Friday, August 6, 2010

one little tomater

My friends Lauren and Viv were the first to try a cherry tomato from the garden. It was wonderfully sweet and juicy. 

As pictured above, the garden is doing well. The morning glories are taking over from the rope trellis I put around the raised garden bed. I blogged about how to diy here. Can you believe the difference?! The white container hanging off the side is filled with bee-friendly plants (more about that here) and I am happy to relay the success of the bee mix - the bees and butterflies love it! The pak choy is exploding, a few cherry tomatoes are ready to be plucked from the vine, cucumber flowers promise some yummy cukes and then a pic of me (courtesy of Viv) cutting the first cherry tomato to share the first taste. Yum! 

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