Saturday, March 13, 2010

garden squid, screaming seeds and little puckers

These are pictures from last fall. I was cleaning up the yard right up until the winter and these squidy little onion things were exploding with roots. They grow really tall and the little onion bulbs form on the head of the "flower" until it's too heavy and they fall over. Then the little bulbs all grow like crazy until they can grab onto something.. I'm not sure what the plant name is, I just call them garden squids.

The morning glories always made me so happy, little ice cream swirls of pink and purple that squeeze together so tight until the sun comes out.

It's raining like crazy outside this weekend, but we are going to start building the planting boxes soon.


  1. liz!

    i didn't know you had a blog! and about gardening-- my favorite, ohh la la! i'm so excited to see posts about your little brooklyn garden. what will you be planting this year?! any recommendations for somerville?

    my dad and i are planning to make flower boxes this spring for my apt. i'm super excited. we're going to plant herbs in the ones outside the kitchen windows!!

  2. erin! I'll be posting what I'm planting soon - I was very over zealous when ordering seeds! Do you want some?

    I can't wait to see your garden!