Friday, March 12, 2010

macrobiotic planting

My initial list included: kale, collard greens, daikon, carrots, squash... upon doing a little research I found this Macrobiotic Garden package from Kitazawa Seed Company for $22, which seems like a good price for:

  • Azuki Red Bean
  • Gai Ghoi Chinese Mustard
  • Kurogoma Black Sesame Seed
  • Lucky Lion Edamame Soybean
  • Mappe Green Mung Bean
  • Takinogawa Gobo Burdock
  • Tokinashi All Season Daikon
The Kitazawa Seed Company has lots of positive reviews from my light internet research. I just ordered their catalog and I'm going to check out their recipes.

I'm a little concerned about the burdock - it sounds complicated to grow and harvest.

1 comment:

  1. it's not necessary to order the catalog, their website is easy enough to navigate and the catalog doesn't have pictures.