Sunday, March 7, 2010

spring has sprung

This weekend has finally started to feel like spring!! We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge today for the first time. Just beautiful. I would like to go again with a gigantic sketchbook and draw all the cables that connect to the towers.

The Brooklyn bridge is the oldest suspension bridge in the United States. 

I came home after our walk and cleaned up the yard. Now that there is no snow on the ground and it's not raining, I can finally get out there to clean up the mess from winter neglect. (Courtesy of Mica and the snow -- it's amazing what hides under the snow for an entire winter: mystery garbage, I even found the remains of some kind of animal -- gross.) I removed the unsightly boards the last tenant erected to hang twine to create a rope web for the morning glories to climb. It looked really rustic and cute when it was in full bloom, but I think I can rig something for the climbing flowers without random boards being propped against the brick wall. It's looking better already! 

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