Tuesday, May 18, 2010

bombs of love & green molotov cocktails

bombs of love
If May started to look bleak (too much time at work, not enough time in the garden) it turned around just as fast. And it's because I have the best friends in the whole world!! (And I did tell myself May was going to be great!!)

I got the BEST surprise package in the mail yesterday from one of my best friends and Glovebox partner, Jodie. She mailed me this great book The Urban Homestead: Your Guide to Self-sufficient Living in the Heart of the City depicting Ethan and myself on the cover. Nice glasses! It's funny that last night, while reading through the first chapter, I found this interesting recipe for a seed balls. Just that name alone kept me reading - seed balls?!

The universe was up to something, because tonight I went to see another one of my best friends Viv, and she also had a present for me!! I don't know what I did to deserve so much kindness, but it made me feel very loved. Somehow between moving to a new apartment, helping me with my car and rescuing Mica from being home alone too long, Viv found time to grab the perfect gift. She gave me lovely seed bombs and a funky, graphic gardener's to-do list note pad!!

Not only did this make my work week feel a little lighter, but I now believe May is all about bombs of love. Go ahead, you know you want to drop one.

Thank you Jodie and Viv!!! 


In case you are wondering was a seed bomb is, it's basically a clay ball mashed up with lots of seeds. You can throw it anywhere - like the lot behind my apartment that is basically a junk yard strewn with old car parts, bicycle skeletons and enough 40's to last this girl a lifetime. This little ball of fun is filled with wildflowers, the clay protects the seeds and helps stick them to the ground. 

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  1. So cool, I'm glad you liked the gift! I feel famous being chatted about on such a cool blog!