Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the masked man

maggie magpie builds a nest and the masked man
Tonight after work, in between feeding the dog and running to meet someone for a test drive (I'm selling my car... how New York of me,) I took a peak at the compost. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had added "brown" leaves, sticks and garden waste to the pile already. I apparently forgot I did this, I was so traumatized by the maggies. Intuition, ah yes, that little thing.

I dug into the recycle and started ripping up paper, including my Kitwazawa Seed Company catalog, that I feel really guilty about receiving, and this strange masked man.  
It's fun to transform your recycle goods into dirt instead of a big truck driving it all over the place to take it to some plant. Recycling is great, but composting is so much better! 


  1. oh lizzie! love to see a little sneak peak of the rose boots...

  2. i just got handed a brochure/map for the watertown garden walk this sunday, you should team up with your neighboring gardenistas in brooklyn and do a garden walk!