Saturday, May 8, 2010

grab your crafty pants night

My May motto is "May is going to be the best month!" and it already is...

Thursday night I went on an adventure to Lowes with my good friend Viv and her mom Mrs. Alverez - the best two ladies to hang out with ever!! We browsed the outdoor isles to look at every blueberry, raspberry and blackberry bush that Lowes carries - and then the tomato, pepper and 'broccoli' plants (turns out that this particular plant was not actually broccoli but a flower that looks like broccoli before it blooms!)

We loaded up the cart with soil for the first planter box that was built on cinco de mayo, picked up more seeds (because who doesn't need more seeds?!) and a bucket of primer for Viv's move-out unmakeover.  

Viv, who is modeling the Atomic Red Carrots above, brought over supplies she had on hand to "diy" plant markers. She came up with the idea to paint the garden markers with chalkboard paint and label the painted markers with a bistro chalk pen. A bistro chalk pen is a really cool chalk marker that washes off with water! You really have to scrub to remove the chalk, so it probably won't wash off in the planter boxes with watering and rain - I'll test them out and report back!! The best part about this project is that we didn't buy a single thing - just used supplies we had left over from other projects.

Great idea Viv!!

diy chalkboard plant markers
Things you will need: popsicle sticks - any shape or size can work, clothes pins, scrap wood, get creative with your marker; paint/chalkboard paint; paint brush; chalk bistro pens, sharpie, waterproof marker;

Step 1: Paint your marker(s) of choice, wait to dry or use a hairdryer to speed up the process if you are impatient like Viv and I; A second coat might be necessary, let dry
Step 2: Now you have lots of plant markers to put in the ground next to your new seed plantings! Enjoy!

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  1. very unflattering photo of me... but you get the point :) thanks shimi!!! love da blog!